Proposal for an embroidered mural in public space, for Bishop street, Derry-Londonderry, Northern Ireland.
The embroidered mural is to become part of the
‘peace wall’ separating the Bogside neighborhood from the Fountain
neighborhood in Derry- Londonderry, Northern Ireland.

Until outsourcing hit in the 1990’s, shirt factories were the
cork on which the Derry-Londonderry economy floated.
Virtually every inhabitant has a (female) relative who used
to work in one of the 41 shirt factories, regardless of
religious or political affiliation.
Using the image of this iconic object to commemorate the
civilians who fell victim to the conflict, the mural forms a
timeline of the 20th century, with numbers of hanging shirts
corresponding to deathtolls over the decades.
Local residents will be invited to both supply the
thread, and participate in applying the giant
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